Toshiba Satellite C50-CBT2N02 - C50-CBT2N03 DA0BLQMB6E0


Toshiba Satellite C50-CBT2N02
Toshiba Satellite C50-CBT2N03
Satellite L50-CBT2G22
Satellite L50-CBT2N03
Satellite L50-CBT2N22
Satellite L50-CBT2NX1
Satellite L50-CBT2NX2
Satellite L50-CBT2NX3
Satellite S50-CBT2G01
Satellite S50T-CBT2G01
Satellite S50T-CBT2G02
Satellite S50-CST2GX1
Satellite S50-CST2NX1
Satellite C55-C5240
Satellite C55-C5241
Satellite C55-C5243
Satellite C55-C5246
Satellite C55-C5206S
Satellite C55-C5207S
Satellite C55-C5208K
Satellite C55-C5212K
Satellite C55-C5213K
Satellite C55-C5219K
Satellite C55-C5222W
Toshiba Satellite C5x-C/L5x-C/S5x-C models
Quanta BLQ
da0blqmb6e0 rev: e
BIOS Version: 5.00

  • First formal release for Windows 10 use.
  • Fixed the color of "main" characters.
  • Implemented SMBIOS Type2 Manufacturer and Product strings.
  • Updated the Reference Code (RC) from V2.5.0 to V2.7.1 for Windows 10.
  • Updated the NVIDIA N16SGM Video BIOS (VBIOS) to V82.
  • Fixed: When TPM is disabled in the System Configuration Utility (SCU), the TPM device is still listed in the Operating System (OS) Device Manager.
  • Updated the Intel Graphics Output Protocol (GOP) to V5.5.1032.
  • Corrected the TPM status in the SCU and OS.
  • Added an Intel S3 Security update solution.
  • Fixed a TPM 2.0 TCG Physical Presence Interface 1.2 Test issue.
  • Added "Win8 DG Win10" TPM behavior.
  • Updated the Embedded Controller (EC) to V4.04.
  • Updated the Management Engine (ME) to V10.0.45.1022, Lock ME.
  • Updated the ESRT Version and FW GUID for Capsule Update policy.

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