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Proprietary Microcontroller MB90378 Series

Discussion in 'Repair Laptop' started by bga, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. 16-bit Proprietary Microcontroller CMOS F2MC-16LX MB90378 Series MB90F378/V378

    The MB90378 series is a line of general-purpose, 16-bit microcontrollers designed for those applications which
    require high-speed real-time processing. The instruction set is designed to be optimized for controller applications which inheriting the AT architecture of F2MC-16LX family and allow a wide range of control tasks to be processed efficiently at high speed.
    A built-in LPC interface, serial IRQ and PS/2 interface simplifies communication with host CPU and PS/2 devices in computer system. Moreover, SMbus compliant I2C*2 and A/D converter implements the smart battery control.
    With these features, the MB90378 series matches itself as keyboard controller with smart battery control.
    While inheriting the AT architecture of the F2MC*1 family, the instruction set for the F2MC-16LX CPU core of the MB90378 series incorporates additional instructions for high-level languages, supports extended addressing modes, and contains enhanced multiplication and division instructions as well as a substantial collection of improved bit manipulation instructions. In addition, the MB90378 series has an on-chip 32-bit accumulator which enables processing of long-word data.
    *1 : F2MC stands for FUJITSU Flexible Microcontroller, a registered trademark of FUJITSU LIMITED.
    *2 : Purchase of Fujitsu I2C components conveys a license under the Philips I2C Patent Rights to use, these
    components in an I2C system provided that the system conforms to the I2C Standard Specification as defined
    by Philips.

    • Clock
    • Embedded PLL clock multiplication circuit
    • Operating clock (PLL clock) can selected from divided-by-2 of oscillation or one to four times the oscillation
    (at oscillation of 4 MHz to 20 MHz)
    • Minimum instruction execution time of 50 ns (at oscillation of 5 MHz, four times the PLL clock, operation at
    VCC of 3.3 V)
    • CPU addressing space of 16 Mbytes Internal 24-bit addressing
    • Instruction set optimized for controller applications
    • Rich data types (bit, byte, word, long word)
    • Rich addressing mode (23 types)
    • High code efficiency
    • Enhanced precision calculation realized by the 32-bit accumulator
    • Instruction set designed for high level language (C) and multi-task operations
    • Adoption of system stack pointer
    • Enhanced pointer indirect instructions
    • Barrel shift instructions
    • Program patch function (2 address pointer)
    • Improved execution speed 4-byte instruction queue
    • Powerful interrupt function
    • Priority level programmable : 8 levels
    • 32 factors of stronger interrupt function
    • Automatic data transmission function independent of CPU operation
    • Extended intelligent I/O service function (EI2OS)
    • Maximum 16 channels
    • Low-power consumption (standby) mode
    • Sleep mode (mode in which CPU operating clock is stopped)
    • Timebase timer mode (mode in which operations other than timebase timer and watch timer are stopped)
    • Stop mode (mode in which all oscillations are stopped)
    • CPU intermittent operation mode
    • Watch mode
    • Dual operation flash Upper and lower banks of flash memory can be used to execute erase/program and read operation concurrently (MB90F378)
    • Package LQFP-144 (FPT-144P-M12 : 0.4 mm pitch)
    • Process CMOS technology

    Memory size In evaluation with an evaluation product, note the difference between the evaluation product and the product actually used. The following items must be taken into consideration.
    • The MB90V378 does not have an internal ROM, however, operations equivalent to chips with an internal ROM can be evaluated by using a dedicated development tool, enabling selection of ROM size by settings of the
    development tool.
    • In the MB90V378, images from FF4000H to FFFFFFH are mapped to bank 00, and FF0000H to FF3FFFH are mapped to bank FF only. (This setting can be changed by the development tool configuration.)
    • In the MB90F378, images from FF4000H to FFFFFFH are mapped to bank 00, and FF0000H to FF3FFFH are mapped to bank FF only.

    Host Controller Interface FW323 06 1394a

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