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Multi-Output PWM Controller SC1403

Discussion in 'Repair Laptop' started by bga, Apr 9, 2015.

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    Mobile Multi-Output PWM Controller with Virtual Current Sense

    The SC1403 is a multiple-output power supply controller designed to power battery operated systems. The
    SC1403 provides synchronous rectified buck converter control for two (3.3 V and 5 V) power supplies. An efficiency of 95% can be achieved for the two supplies. The SC1403 uses Semtech’s proprietary Virtual Current
    SenseTM technology along with external error amplifier compensation to achieve enhanced stability and DC accuracy over a wide range of output filter components while maintaining fixed frequency operation. The SC1403 also provides a linear regulator for system housekeeping. The 5 V linear regulator takes its input from the battery; for efficiency, the output is switched to the 5V output when available.
    Control functions include: power up sequencing, soft start, power-good signaling, and frequency synchronization. Line and load regulation is to +/-1% of the output voltage. The internal oscillator can be adjusted to 200 kHz or 300 kHz or synchronized to an external clock.
    The MOSFET drivers provide >1A peak drive current for fast MOSFET switching.
    The SC1403 includes a PSAVE# input to select pulse skipping mode for high efficiency at light load, or fixed
    frequency mode for low noise operation.

    - 3.3V and 5V dual synchronous outputs, resistor programmable to 2.5V
    - Fixed frequency or PSAVE for maximum efficiency over wide load current range
    - 5V / 50mA linear regulator
    - Virtual Current Sense TM for enhanced stability
    - Accurate low loss current limiting
    - Out of phase switching reduces input capacitance requirements
    - External compensation supports wide range of output filter components
    - Programmable power-up sequence
    - Power good output
    - Output overvoltage & overcurrent protection with output undervoltage shutdown
    - 4μA typical shutdown current
    - 6mW typical quiescent power

    - Notebook and subnotebook computers
    - Automotive electronics
    - Desktop DC-DC converters
    (1) This device is ESD sensitive. Use of standard ESD handling precautions required.
    (2) Only available in tape and reel packaging. A reel contains 2500 devices.
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